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We are Bay Area Earthquake Brace + Bolt Contractors

In California, state and city sponsored programs exist to provide property owners with funds to bring buildings up to current standards for earthquake safety and preparedness. If you are a homeowner who has been accepted to participate in the 2017 Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program and your are searching for a qualified contractor, E&F Construction can help.

When it comes to safeguarding your family and your single largest investment against catastrophic damage from the next major earthquake, experience is key. Selecting a highly qualified general contractor specializing in seismic retrofits ensures that the structural work required for your project is appropriately scoped and skillfully implemented.


Our crews are highly experienced at completing both engineered and Plan Set A seismic upgrades and we offer full service project management and quality work guaranteed to pass final inspection and be rebate eligible. We have been safeguarding East Bay homes against earthquake damage for over fifteen years and as one of the first contractors to sign on to EBB, we have the capacity and the expertise to remain responsive and consistently meet EBB deadlines to keep your retrofit on track.  

As a full service contractor specializing in EBB retrofits, we'll handle everything

Once you have been selected to participate in EBB you have eight weeks to hire a contractor and obtain and upload your building permit. After contacting us to schedule a consultation and receive a quote, we'll help streamline your retrofit project by providing the following services:

  • Advise you about other local retrofit programs for which you may also be eligible

  • Assess and explain scope of work required to make your home fully compliant with current seismic safety codes

  • Guide you through the EBB process

  • Manage all necessary EBB documentation on your behalf via your Homeowner Dashboard

  • Recommend engineers (as needed)

  • Assist you with obtaining drawings and permits

  • Schedule and complete project milestones and final inspections in a timely manner

  • Obtain your completion certificate and process your rebate

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More information about participating in the EBB retrofit program

California's Earthquake Brace + Bolt program was created to provide incentives to homeowners to seismically retrofit wood-frame residential structures.


The seismic retrofit includes adding anchor bolts and bracing in your crawl space around the perimeter of your home's foundation to improve the connection between the wooden framing and concrete foundation. The EBB program was developed to help you lessen the potential for damage to your home during an earthquake by providing you with up to $3,000 to strengthen your foundation.

If you have questions regarding how to apply to participate in EBB or are still waiting to be accepted, we can help you prepare for your retrofit by assisting you with the application process, providing you with a scope of work and helping you obtain necessary drawings to expedite your project once you are accepted. Contact us for more information.

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